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POSTED ON 04 Jul 2017
不要以為人家Deadpool笠住件戲服,就可以渣流灘,雖然角色不需要他有body transformation。 但為了Deadpool2,主角Ryan Reynolds都把身體狀態操練回來。他的健身教練Don Saladino,就為他設計了一系列鍛練,以應付拍攝!

教練指比起幾年前,Ryan Reynolds現在的狀態是最好的,全因為教練為他安排全新的訓練計劃。

@vancityreynolds performs one of his favorite ab exercises in preparation for #deadpool2 - Exercise "Reverse crunch with a lift" - What it works? Abdominals and core - How I use it? At the end of my workout with my abdominal training. Try 3 sets of 10-15 reps. Discontinue the lift portion when it becomes to difficult to perform. - How do I execute? Lie on the floor or a decline bench. Make sure to keep your lower back flat. Pull your legs towards your torso and then drive your legs to the ceiling. Always stay under perfect control. Try not to use any momentum. - Go to DonSaladino.com for my blog, tips, and nutrition. - You can also download my workouts @fitner_app - #suitup #superhero #ryanreynolds #training  #gymmafia #donsaladino #deadpooltraining

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他指多讓Ryan做reverse crunches(反向仰臥起坐)比起做正常的crunches受傷的機會會較少。雖然八塊腹肌永遠最搶眼最受歡迎,但對於40歲的Ryan教練則常常提醒他不可以過度操練腹肌,以免受傷。

教練指他會把重點放在幾個運用到全身的動作,例如 deadlifts及squats,又指這兩個動作是最能名建立腹肌,因為整個身體都需要支撐和穩定起來。然後隨全身體條件變好,就可以再加上重量,針對訓練腹肌。(以下就是教練大概安排的訓練)

Day 1

Hanging Leg Raise: 8 reps (4 sets)
Cable Crunch: 12 reps (4 sets)
Landmine: 10 reps (4 sets)
Up/Down Carry: 25 meters (4 sets)

Day 2

Reverse Crunch (with lift): 12 reps (4 sets)
Ab Roller: 12 reps (4 sets)
Heavy Loaded Carry: 40 meters (4 sets)
Short Side Plank: 60 seconds (4 sets)

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